By reprogramming your car you can gain a few horses. Can reprogramming really make a difference? Answer in this drag race between two Audi RS6 Avant.

Our British colleagues from CarWow have again pitted two cars that were initially identical to each other to see what a few small improvements to the cartography change. This time it is the original Audi RS6 Avant that will take on the RS6 Avant tuned by AwesomeGTI, a tuning company from the UK. The modified version received some 5,800 euros of improvements, including a reprogramming of the engine mapping, a new exhaust system and specific air filters, as well as a set of Michelin tires supposed to improve grip.

The stakes in the test are high for Matt Watson, since the original RS6 is his. As we know, it develops 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. The modified car makes 720 horsepower, according to the team at Awesome Cars YouTube channel. Watson adds, however, that the AwesomeGTI car had to be slightly restrained because of damage to the transmission following the first modifications.

5,800 euros to be in front?

Thus, the modified RS6 behaves like a conventional RS6 during the first few meters of each acceleration. Afterwards, she lets go of the horses! But it doesn’t matter. In each test, both cars launch the same, then the modified RS6 Avant takes off and takes the lead.

Oh yeah, you can feel it! Says Matt Watson. ” I want these changes He adds. At the end of a quarter mile race (400 meters standing start), the difference is half a second. The modified car covered this distance in 10.9 seconds, while the production RS6 Avant shot it in 11.4 seconds. The question of whether or not you should pay a few cents to improve the performance of your car is still not the most obvious. But now you know that the difference is felt and seen!