Restyled a few months ago, the BMW M5 Competition never ceases to impress. While waiting to be able to try the all new CS version of the M5, let’s see what gives the Competition version launched fully on the highway.

Watching this video from our colleagues at Automann-TV, it’s easy to see why the BMW M5 is one of the most perfect cars for the German autobahn. The BMW M5 Competition delivers performance that may scare some modern supercars while still delivering that experience to four passengers. It is this unique combination of features that makes the BMW M5 one of the best cars on the market. Indeed, when we talk about a BMW at the moment, it seems that two subjects dominate the conversation. First of all the huge grille of the new BMW M3 and M4 or the performance of the latest BMW M5. Today, we are interested in what makes us happy.

The 2021 BMW M5 Competition is powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that develops an astounding power of 625 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. This monstrous engine is associated with an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends the cavalry to all the wheels via an all-wheel drive system. This system improves the acceleration and pick-up of the new BMW M5 but can still be switched to pure propulsion mode. This is enough to allow the happy owners to slide as they wish.

The Chiron of sedans?

Thanks to this rather elaborate transmission, the BMW M5 is able to shoot down from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds. Alternatively, the BMW M5 Competition can also achieve 0-200 km / h in 9.9 seconds. In a 100-200 km / h highway acceleration test, the M5 only needed 6.8 seconds to shift from one gear to the next. Besides the speed, it is therefore the ease with which it switches from one speed to another that impresses … So much so that the other cars on the highway seem to be at a standstill.

This performance becomes even more impressive when you remember that the BMW M5 embeds a whole panoply of equipment such as heated and massaging seats, a large trunk, leather everywhere …