The Porsche 911 type 996 did not seduce everyone, but this one will interest more than one enthusiast! And for good reason, it is the only armored copy. Better yet, it left the factory as it is today!

The 996 generation of the iconic Porsche 911 is certainly the least popular among fans. Perhaps this is because of the headlights with their special shape, reliability or bin the fact that it is not air cooled like its predecessors. Whatever the reason, it is much less popular than all other 911s. But this specimen in question is slightly different, which could bring it more fans than any classic 911 type 996.

In fact, this 996 in question is bulletproof. But it’s not thanks to a tuning company or some other unconventional modification… It came out of the Porsche factory like that! Built as a one-off by Porsche in the mid-90s after a customer requested an armored car, this unique 996 Carrera is now part of the Porsche Museum collection.

Porsche 911 type 996 armored

Armor of a 911

To make the bulletproof 911, Porsche started with an early 996 Carrera painted in “Dragonfly Turquoise Metallic” which it immediately took off the production line. They then added 20mm thick reinforced glass in place of conventional panes. Thanks to this tailor-made work, the rear windshield is even able to keep its heating system. The only thing that changes with this new glass is the extra few millimeters that you can see when the door is opened.

Despite the significant changes to the exterior, the interior remains exactly the same, with the sunroof less of course. For the body, Porsche has moved away from the obvious choice of steel in favor of something a little more durable. They chose Dyneema, an energy-absorbing composite that weighs the same as steel, but fifteen times stronger.

Weight change

None of these shields are visible from the outside. To an unsuspecting eye, it looks like a normal 911 Carrera type 996. And in case you were wondering, this reinforcement isn’t just theoretical. Porsche has tested it, claiming that in most places the body can withstand 9mm bullets as well as those of a 44 Magnum.

However, all of this comes at the cost of additional weight. While a normal 996 Carrera weighs 1,317 kg, this one tips the scales at 2,722 kg. Despite this overweight, this 911 is still powered by the original engine: a 3.4-liter Flat-6 developing 300 horsepower and a torque of 350 Nm.