If you want to personalize your car but cannot afford a covering, here is a much cheaper solution: frozen washing foam. Of course, you have to live in a country where it is often -40 degrees.

Keeping your car clean during the winter can be difficult. Freezing temperatures and salt on the road are usually synonymous with dirty cars. In any case, they don’t stay clean for long. Unless you have access to a heated laundry area or if you’re ready to brave the cold. So what happens when you want to wash your Hummer H2 when it’s -40 degrees outside? Well, the team at “Garage 54” have an answer for you with their latest video.

As for the temperature, there is something special about -40 degrees because it is exactly the same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. But this level of extreme cold also means that no regular car wash is open. This is what leads our friends from Garage 54 to wash their Hummers in front of their establishment. Equipped with a foam cannon fed by a pressure washer, they begin to spray the SUV. The foam guns allow the body to be evenly covered with soap without the risk of scratching the paint. But in some cases, they can also allow you to place a second bodywork on your car.

Barbie’s Hummer

When the pink colored foam was applied to the Hummer in these polar conditions, it instantly froze. The big black SUV was slowly transformed into a real “Barbie Car”. Indeed, after having passed many layers of soap which instantly froze on the body, this Hummer only looks like a giant candy. The Pink Foam SUV is a new way for owners to customize their vehicles to stand out from the crowd, but it doesn’t last very long unless you live in a country where it is regularly – 40 degrees.

As it was then impossible to go inside, the men at Garage 54 decided to dig the thick layer of foam to clear the door handles, windows, windshield and license plate. After long minutes spent clearing everything that was essential to circulate, the Hummer H2 hit the road, covered with pink foam to refuel.