These Vietnamese dreamed of a Ferrari, so they decided to build it with the means at hand!

If you only have $ 1,000 and you dream of a Ferrari supercar, better you probably buy a miniature. But the Vietnamese of the NHËT TV YouTube channel are more ambitious: they decided to build a replica from A to Z, in just 60 days!

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Ferrari replicas, there are a lot of them. They often take for base of small sports cars with rear mid-engine, like a Pontiac Fiero in the United States, or a Toyota MR. The proportions are then almost correct (but smaller), and the technical basis allows always fun driving, even if the performance is obviously not up to par.

Completely handmade!

But when you live in Vietnam and have a very small budget, impossible to buy a car to convert. But nothing was going to stop our young enthusiasts: they decided to do everything themselves to build their Ferrari 488 GTB. The steel frame, the fiberglass and glue body, or even the electrical harness that powers the headlights and a sound system. For the engine, they look to a water pump, a big four-stroke single-cylinder, finally not so far froman engine that could be found on a kart rent.

And from afar the result is rather convincing, especially after the nice coat of red paint. Obviously, performance is not up to par, and details remain approximate, such as the protruding engine or the interior, obviously in plywood. But for a budget of $ 1,000, all done by hand and in 60 days, we challenge you to do better!

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