These companies are specialized in improving old mythicals: we take a tour of the best restomods in video!

You want to drive old, but without suffering the vagaries of unreliable mechanics and a poorly equipped car? Then the restomods are made for you. The restomods are these creations based on vintage cars, restored to the smallest detail, and above all modernized. They often charge a high price for their exclusivity, but for lovers of nostalgia for certain models, being able to enjoy them without the inconvenience of passing time is priceless.

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Here is our selection of the 10 most spectacular restomods!

Singer 911

The Porsche 911s “re-imagined” by Singer are probably the most famous restomods. They are based on a Porsche 911 of the 964 generation and then undergo major modifications. The body looks like the first generation 911 but is made of carbon fiber. Technically, everything is revised: more powerful engine, modern suspensions, large brakes … All available for around € 500,000. But the possibilities for customization are endless, and so are the prices …

Singer ACS

Singer’s latest creation is no longer retro but resolutely turned towards the future and competition. Based on a 911 from 1990, it is inspired by the Porsches that took part in the Paris-Dakar. With its 450 hp biturbo flat-six, its specific carbon bodywork and long-travel suspensions, it aims above all for off-roading in the tradition of the Porsche 911 Safari.

Alfaholics GTA-R

From the outside, it is difficult to differentiate an Alfaholics GTA-R from an Alfa Romeo coupé Bertone from the 1960s. But almost everything has been revised by the British workshop: lighter body, reworked engine, more modern chassis … The little one cut is cut for the track. With about 250 hp for less than 850 kg, the GTA-R offers sensations that have something to delight purists.

Maggiore 308M

If the Ferrari 308 has remained famous for its role in the Magnum series, its performance has always been a little behind: with 250 hp, even 214 hp on injection models, it is at the mercy of a slightly smaller GTi. modern. But after a visit to the Maggiore workshops, this problem will be quickly resolved: 300 hp, weight in free fall thanks to the very liberal use of carbon, revised suspensions and brakes, the 308M finally has the performance to go with its style if recognizable.

Volvo P1800 Cyan

Cyan Racing is a specialist preparer responsible for engaging Volvo productions in the race, particularly in WTCC. So when the workshop decides to transfer its technologies to a road car, things move. With over 400bhp, taken from a racing engine, a full carbon body and a modern chassis, Cyan’s P1800 ultimately retains very few elements of the original Volvo. But from a small coupe made for the ride, the Swede becomes a real supercar. And the price goes with it: count 500,000 €, at least.

Lancia Delta Futurista

“Make Lancia Great Again”: this is the slogan of Eugenio Amos, an Italian passionate about the brand and above all about the Delta, this supercharged compact designed for homologation in rallying. His workshop, Automobili Amos, set about revising the Lancia entirely, starting by removing the rear doors. Numerous carbon additions modernize the look, while the interior is remodeled with better materials. On the performance side, the engine now produces 330 hp, for 1,250 kg. Count 300,000 €, but the 20 copies are all sold …


If the look of this Ruf SCR is reminiscent of the old Porsche 911 RSRs from the 1960s, make no mistake: it is in fact completely new. The whole is based on a carbon shell, with a wheelbase slightly longer than a 911 of the time, and especially a 510 hp flat-six. Ruf has made a name for himself for decades preparing Porsches, and the SCR brings together all his experience in the field.

Fifteen Eleven 914

Despite its unique look, the Porsche 914 was often poorly performing, the fault of low power engines, including a Volkswagen four-cylinder with 80 hp. The Fifteen Eleven workshop wants to correct the situation and offers a modern 914 which takes many elements of the Cayman S, including the engine, suspensions and brakes. What make him very current performances!

Icon Derelict Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Where most restomods seek to improve an old one while respecting the spirit of the original, Icon does the opposite. The American workshop has made a name for itself by implementing high-performance mechanics in cars that were not, and by keeping the tired appearance of these cars, without restoration. This is the case for this Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud from 1958 which receives a Chevrolet 7-liter V8 producing 550 hp! To keep up with the pace, suspensions and brakes have been revised. But the look has not changed: the paint is peeling, there is even a little rust and the woodwork is worn. Despite everything the interior, under its old air, has been modernized with many functions, such as a reversing camera.

Eagle Low-Drag GT

The magnificent Low-Drag GT is a Jaguar Type E reviewed by Eagle specialists. The particular style is inspired by an E-Type racing prototype, shaped by aerodynamic studies. And under this beautiful aluminum dress, the E-Type has been made more reliable and modernized, but without gaining supercar performance in the process. For Eagle, the pleasure is in the muscular ride, to enjoy an old one knowing that everything works without problem. The only problem is the price: count at least € 800,000!

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