VIDEO - Snowmobile Ken Block exists and is rampant in Duluth, USA 4

Seeing the feats achieved by Levi LaVallee, snowmobile champion associated with Red Bull, the analogy is easy. The 38-year-old American, little known to the general public, is to the discipline what Ken Block is to Gymkhana. A sweet nut with a serious sense of sliding … and emptiness.

In reality, Levi LaVallee is not really the first comer. This snowmobile specialist still collected 13 gold medals at the X Games, in six different types of events. The American from Duluth, Minnesota, is also one of the recently stamped Red Bull athletes.

The result in pictures speaks for itself: as we discover in the following sequence of just under 4 minutes, Levi draws his inspiration from various disciplines of board sports and mechanical: motocross, snowboard or BMX. Here he set out to travel around his hometown on a snowmobile, immortalizing several emblematic places such as the local ski resort or the port area. Preferably in the air, and in the most dizzying way possible.