As the Formula 1 season has just started, Aston Martin has just released a video in which driver Sebastian Vettel reflects on his future behind the wheel of a DBX. A good promotion but above all an opportunity for us to see the DBX in action in the snow.

Aston Martin has had a difficult 2020. However, 2021 could be brighter for the brand with the launch of its DBX SUV and its big comeback in Formula 1 with driver Sebastian Vettel. To celebrate his arrival, Aston released a video of Vettel getting behind the wheel of the new SUV. The video titled ‘A New Beginning’ illustrates Vettel reflecting on his new opportunity with the Aston Martin F1 team. “The new chapter with Aston Martin is right in front of me”, he said before adding : “It’s a new family that I am joining, and there is a lot of enthusiasm around”.

He is full of hope and inspiration. But this video is also an opportunity to promote the brand new DBX which is illustrated in a snowy landscape with the quadruple F1 world champion at the wheel. In fact, this video draws a parallel between the revival of Aston Martin and that of its driver who has not won a Grand Prix for over a year already.

New story for Aston and Vettel?

Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll bought up to a 20% stake in the UK company early last year. This decision also allowed him to rename his Racing Point F1 team to Aston Martin F1. Today, the company is focused on the electrification of its range, laying the groundwork for a robust deployment of electric vehicles. The company has said it wants to remove the gasoline car from the lineup by 2030.

This bold strategy will begin in 2025 with the production of a new electric sports car and an SUV. By 2030, Aston expects half of its lineup to be electric, while 45% will be hybrids. In the meantime, the firm must ensure that sales recover while hoping for good results in F1.