As the Formula 1 season gets ready to begin, the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers have been offered a little trip on the circuit in the SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider.

The 2021 Formula 1 season kicks off this weekend and everything is going well in the world of motorsport. But before a real duel at the wheel of their SF21, the new driver Carlos Sainz and his teammate Charles Leclerc had the opportunity to take two Ferrari SF90s for a short “race” on the Imola circuit. The hypercar duo includes an SF90 Stradale and an SF90 Spider. Regardless of their differences, each vehicle flanked an ear-to-ear smile on the faces of both drivers. Normal you tell me for Scuderia Ferrari drivers.

With 1000 horsepower under the hood thanks to three electric motors (two at the front and one at the rear) which support 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, it’s no surprise that Sainz and Leclerc enjoyed their trip to the circuit in the SF90 Stradale. The Italian automaker is often said to produce its best road vehicles when the Scuderia F1 is in trouble. Given the very mixed results of last season, the new models at Cavallino should be among the best in history.

A little turn and then go

Aside from its F1-inspired technology, Many of the SF90’s design cues seem to make this supercar a real sensation machine. Design director Fabio Manzoni described his design philosophy as “the fusion of engineering and innovation with fascinating beauty”. Of course, it can’t perform as well as a Formula 1 car, but the SF90 is a pioneer when it comes to the arrival of F1 technology in mass production cars. Nénamoins, the AMG One could well overshadow it on this subject as soon as it is released.

With the Bahrain Grand Prix fast approaching, we can’t wait to see where the Scuderia Ferrari cars sit on the grid. Hopefully for the Reds it will be better than last year. While waiting for this weekend, enjoy these images of the two pilots of the Italian team having fun … their smile could fade soon if the performance of their SF21 is not up to their ambitions.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have fun at the wheel of the Ferrari SF90