To make your mouth water before Easter, Auto Plus has selected 5 chocolate cars for you!

It’s almost Easter! And what better in this season than good chocolates… The look of a car! We brought you together 5 chocolate cars, for a tasting that rolls:

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For all tastes and all budgets!

There is something for all tastes, and for all budgets. The Parisian luxury hotel the Lutetia is true to its reputation, with a retro and refined creation, and a tailor-made price. More accessible, the special 24 Hours of Le Mans collection in Bellanger brings together racing legends in a collector’s box, for just under 20 €. For its part, the specialist Chocolissimo offers a crisp Volkswagen New Beetle for € 17.20.

At the Crillon, the honor is with the Citroën DS, with a magnificent replica that emerges from an Easter egg (70 €). Finally, do not hesitate to ask your chocolatier if he prepares chocolate cars: this is the case of Julien Dechenaud, in Vincennes, who sells faithful replicas of Porsche 911 on request.

Bon appétit, but watch out for the liver attack who is waiting for you if you are speeding …

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