Deliveries to customers of the McLaren 765LT began a few months ago and it is already unanimous. She is also the one who holds the quarter-mile record!

Brooks, from the DragTimes channel on YouTube, recently took delivery of its own 765LT. Painted in “Napier Green”, his supercar did not last long before leaving the road and joining a drag track to bring down the lap times over the quarter mile (400 meters standing start). His times behind the wheel of his Woking sports car are nothing short of extraordinary.

In his very first race of the day, the YouTuber set a time of 9.47 seconds when riding on standard Pirelli P Zero tires, while there are the more grippy Trofeo R models. On his second run, that time dropped to 9.41 seconds. As remarkable as these performances are, Brooks still skated a little on the first and second gears with their original tires. He decided to replace his rims and tires with something more specific to racing, but nonetheless homologated.

Fast and regular

With its Mclaren 720S rims and tires offering even more grip, Brooks managed to eliminate any kind of slippage at the start. He managed a better quarter-mile in just 9.34 seconds at a top speed of 242.8 km / h. Moreover, the 765LT was extremely consistent with three consecutive times of 9.3 seconds.

On its best run, the car hit 100 km / h in just over 2.1 seconds. Brooks does mention that his best time to cover the quarter mile with his 720S is 9.76 to 231.7 km / h, which means the 765LT is about half a second faster, but also the fastest production car on the 400-meter standing start exercise! Not bad McLaren!