VIDEO - Here is the true maximum speed of the Golf R, Volkswagen would have lied? 4

Officially announced at 320 hp, the Golf 8 R is already the most powerful and efficient Golf ever produced. And curiously, Volkswagen has curiously underestimated the figures announced on paper. Including the top speed, which exceeds the expected 270 km / h. Of course, in this sense, the lie is not a drama.

Here is a third element that corroborates Volkswagen’s lies about the meanest Golf 8. This kind of deception is quite forgivable, however, and is reminiscent of the heyday of the 1.9 TDI unit injectors which sold over 150 ch for 130 advertised. Better to have a little more than expected on the plate.

The Golf R has recently been bench-measured at 340 hp, while the 4-cylinder 2-liter TSI is supposed to develop 320 hp. The same goes for the lap times: the technical sheet promises a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 s … exercise completed in 4.1 s! All with a strictly original model, of course. The following video, produced on an unrestricted portion of Autobahn by German youtuber Automann, adds another disturbing element. Equipped with the optional R-Performance Pack, the Golf R benefits from a maximum speed raised to 270 km / h (250 km / h for models without it). Verdict? 290 km / h odometer!

The margin to chase Audi RS3 and other BMW M2

In reality, the actual measured speed is quite significantly lower. As always, there is a fairly clear difference at high speed between the data displayed on the tachometer and that of the GPS, consistent with the actual ground speed. The latter therefore recorded the Golf R in question at 276 km / h … So, 6 km / h more than the official bridle.

Interestingly, again, the author of the video recorded a 0 to 100 km / h lower than the manufacturer figures (4.3 s). In addition, the electronic limit would have intervened by cutting the power quite clearly, suggesting a much higher potential. The preparers will give it their all to break the official 300 km / h mark.