There is NASA, Ariane, SpaceX … And now Dacia! The low-cost manufacturer of the Renault group has launched for April 1 in the conquest of space, with DUSTAR. Yes, the brand has indeed sent a Dacia Duster into space, even if the operation is more April Fool that competition to Elon Musk.

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Successful take-off in England

“DUSTAR represents both a small step for Dacia and a new era for space travel, simple, fun and exciting, ”the brand announced.

Concretely, a miniature of the last Duster SUV has been sent in the stratosphere using a special balloon. The initiative is due to the British branch of Dacia, which also takes us in the wings of its successful launch:

We are not at the level of the Tesla Roadster which orbits around the sun therefore, but the joke is good, especially since this is not an animation but a real takeoff into space.

More seriously, Dacia is currently working on the Duster’s big brother, the future Bigster. Above all, the brand goes slightly change identity, to adopt a more adventurous side, as announced by Luca de Meo in his plan Renaulution. And instead of a space program, Dacia has embarked on another ambitious project: electric, with the Dacia Spring.

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