Freshly presented, the all-new Bmw m4 Competition, a sporty derivative of the last Munich coupe, is already on track. This video shows us the model in action and lets us hear her 3.0 twin-turbo engine with 6 cylinders in line, strong 510 hp. We would have liked a more powerful sound. Anyway, it grows very hard!

0 to 200 km in 11.9 s

The driver took advantage of this little foray on the circuit to measure the acceleration using a RaceBox and the result is rather startling. The 0 to 100 km / h sprint ended in a time of 3.98 s, or practically exactly the stopwatch announced by the manufacturer (3.90 s). And the thrust continues well beyond 100 km / h, since the machine only needs 11.9 s to reach the 200 km / h mark.

Sliding session

Pure propulsion, this M4 Competition has a launch Control very efficient which allows it to pull itself out of the ground very cleanly, without making the tires go up in smoke. But the machine also knows how to engage the butt cheerfully, as you will see in this video.

A four-wheel drive version of the M4 is also expected this summer, as well as the convertible derivative. Chills in perspective …

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Video: drifting with the BMW M4 Competition 8
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Video: drifting with the BMW M4 Competition 9
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