VIDEO - BMW M3 challenges Audi RS4, and it's not the expected massacre 4

With the first press tests of the new BMW M3, sixth of the name, the first confrontations were going to happen quickly. It did not drag across the Channel, where our colleagues from Carwow led the inevitable duel against his best enemy. An Audi RS4 is no longer very young, but is still capable of giving a hard time.

Accompanied by the Mercedes AMG C63, the Audi RS4 and the BMW M3 ensure the absolute trio of time-killer family cars. Each has its audience of followers, inveterate followers … especially the M3, given its status as an icon. After all, it was the first of its kind, when the M3 E30 appeared in 1986. The Mercedes 190 2.5 16 wasn’t that bad, and Audi had nothing against it.

Today is different. The RS4 may have abandoned its brilliant atmospheric V8 for a downsized V6, it still advances 450 hp, passed to the ground via a terribly efficient Quattro. To the point of going back to the previous M3, which showed 431 hp “only”, or 460 hp on the ultimate variations at the end of their career. The arrival of the sixth generation, aka G80, at least takes the lead in terms of pure power: 510 hp in Competition version, the only one sold in France. And this time, it too can count on all-wheel drive. While maintaining a 100% propulsion mode, obviously, like the M5. No question of denying what has always made the M3 salt. The following sequence, produced by our British colleagues from Carwow, therefore opposes the two long-standing enemies. Unsurprisingly, the difference in character and philosophy between the two Bavarians remains particularly marked. Each carefully maintains its DNA: easy performance, without effort, on the Audi side … against a permanent invitation to attack, at the wheel of the M3.

Against the clock, however, the match does not turn to the expected domination in favor of BMW. It remains in the lead, of course, emphasizing its significantly superior power and torque: 510 hp and 650 Nm for the in-line 6 of the M3, compared to the 450 hp and 600 Nm of the V6 of the RS4. This one, hardly lighter (1,790 kg against 1,805 kg, insignificant difference at this level) and equipped with a Quattro allowing a slightly better controlled traction, manages to partly compensate for the difference.

The exercise from 0 to 100 km / h, announced at 3.9 s for the M3 against 4.1 s for the RS4, finally turns to the advantage of the Audi: from 0 to 60 mph (well, our friends English stop the stopwatch 2 mph or 3 km / h earlier than us …), this takes 3.4 s. The M3 achieves the effort in 3.6 s!

Then, the BMW logically takes the lead, strong of the power and the superior extension of its 6 in line. Its 400 m DA is accomplished in 11.6 s, closely followed by the RS4 at 11.7 s. Not the expected massacre, we confirm. Next step, a real confrontation on the road …