Movie Cars Central brings together an amazing collection of movie cars. Auto Plus presents 10 of them in video!

Like the actors, they are true stars of films and series: these cars have burst the screen, and have become icons. Auto Plus was able to visit the Movie Cars Central collection, which brings together a good number of these vehicles in the Paris region, some of which are the exact copies that appear on the screen!

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Here is our selection of the 10 most legendary movie cars in the collection:

Toyota Supra Mk4: Fast & Furious

This orange Toyota Supra Mk4 has become a series icon from the first film of the Fast & Furious saga, since it occupies a place of choice: it is the car that Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) must build to give to Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). This copy is not one of the cars in the film, but it was used in the Fast & Furious Live show in 2018, where he made many figures. Very close to the original aesthetically, the car is also from the point of view of performance: its six-cylinder linen develops up to 580 hp!

Dodge Charger: Fast & Furious

This Dodge Charger is as legendary as the Toyota Supra from Fast & Furious, since it is Dominic Toretto’s car, one of the main characters, since the very first film. This copy was used in Fast & Furious 7, then in the Fast & Furious Live show. The supercharger is dummy, but the V8 still produces over 500 horsepower.

DeLorean DMC-12: Back to the Future

This DeLorean DMC-12 is theone of the most legendary movie cars, thanks to his role in the Back to the Future saga. This copy is an exact replica, with all the barda that time travel implies!

Peugeot 406: Taxi 2

This modified Peugeot 406 is the one that is in the image in the comedy Taxi 2 ! The interior, largely in the image in the film, still keeps all its gadgets, like the airplane counters that fall from the sun visors or the vomit bags in the back.

Dodge Charger “Off-road”: Fast & Furious 7

Another of Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Chargers in Fast & Furious, this time the one modified for the off-road pursuits of the seventh episode of the saga. This car is one of the two survivors of the shoot, and was therefore driven by Vin Diesel. Almost nothing remains of the original Dodge, but the V8 is alive and well and producing around 500bhp!

Ford Gran Torino: Starsky & Hutch

This red and white Ford GranTorino remained famous after its role in the series and then the movie Starsky and Hutch. Its very seventies line and its large V8 will delight lovers of the time, and especially of “Zebra Three“, nickname of the patrol formed by the two friends and the Ford. This one is a replica.

Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ecto-1: Ghostbusters

This huge hearse modified in the movie to go ghost hunting quickly became legendary. The Movie Cars Central copy is a 1963 Cadillac based replica (not 1959, like the original Ecto-1).

Volkswagen Beetle: Choupette

This friendly talking Ladybug is the heroine of the movie series “The Ladybug …”, or “Herbie” in English. This car is not a car from the movie but an official replica of Choupette from the 2005 film, certified by Disney.

Jeep Wrangler: Jurassic Park

No, the dinosaurs aren’t the only heroes of the first Jurassic Park! The Jeep Wrangler, used by park teams to navigate the park’s different spaces, has since remained famous. This faithful replica will not stand up to the jaw of a T-Rex …

Dodge Charger “General Lee”: Sheriff, scare me

This famous 1968 orange Dodge Charger was made up as a 1969 model for the purposes of filming: it is indeed the real car used in the 2005 film! The proof: the hood still keeps the traces of slips in jeans… The Dodge is inhabited by a 7.2L V8, for more than 400 hp. Enough to escape the sheriff without a problem!

The Movie Cars Central collection is visible, at 1 rue Olympe de Gouges, in Grigny, in Essonne (91). It is currently closed due to the pandemic, but will open as soon as possible.

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