Some Mercedes have the reputation of being indestructible and are ready to cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers without the slightest difficulty.

Mercedes with half a million kilometers on the clock? It may not be common but it is nothing exceptional as some versions are solid. The million kilometers have even already been exceeded by some star models. Be careful, however, indestructible does not mean that maintenance should be left aside. The buyer must therefore ensure that the coveted model has been properly maintained. Among the very wide Mercedes range that has existed, here is a selection of the most reliable models.

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Mercedes W123

The Mercedes W123 generation is often cited as one of the most robust models there is. This ancestor of the E-Class manufactured from 1975 offered space but above all foolproof reliability. Some diesel versions show incredible mileage but the gasoline versions do not do badly either.

Mercedes W124

After the W123, Mercedes marketed the W124 from 1984 with a range of 4, 6 and 8 cylinder petrol engines and 4, 5 and 6 cylinder diesels. Available in sedan, station wagon, coupe and convertible, it delighted lovers of comfort and reliability.

190 Type 201

Shortly before the launch of the W124, Mercedes had launched the 190 in 1982. The one nicknamed the baby-Benz at the time was a huge success and nearly two million copies were produced. The 190 also showed great reliability and it is still widely found in the classifieds.

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