In France, 75% of car sales are second-hand: in fact, more than five million used cars are sold each year. Here are five tips you should know before you take the plunge.

Auto Plus gives you five tips for successfully buying your future used car!

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1. Used car: identify your needs and budget

First, take the time to define your needs and your budget : are you looking for a city car, a compact, a family car? Will it be gasoline, diesel, hybrid or electric? Finally, set an amount that you would be willing to spend on the purchase of your used car. Then find out about the auto rating and the prices on the market, and compare!

2. Used car: check the documents provided

The seller must provide you with some mandatory documents : technical inspection report, transfer declaration certificate, registration certificate (gray card), or even an administrative situation certificate (non-pledge). These documents will be essential to register your future car in your name. The maintenance book and invoice history are a plus, but nothing obliges the seller to provide them to you.

3. Used car: assess its overall condition

Make an appointment preferably during the day, in order to be able to detect in the light of day all the small defects. Examine carefully the body, the engine, as well as the interior of the car, without forgetting the trunk and the bases. Also check the consistency of the odometer reading, as well as the consistency of the serial number, which is found engraved on the car and which appears on the administrative documents.

4. Used car: test drive the vehicle on the road

Get behind the wheel: check in real conditions engine operation, road holding, braking, gearbox, clutch, as well as the presence of parasitic noises, or fluid leaks. Beware if the seller denies you the test drive.

5. Used car: take your time

To avoid making mistakes when buying your used car, do not rush ! Take the time to think it over and ask the seller all your questions: what was the use of the car, the reasons for the sale, is the price negotiable? The acquisition of a vehicle is an engaging process, so do not hesitate to analyze, compare and choose the best offer.

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