With a budget of 10,000 €, it is possible to find a relatively recent station wagon in our classifieds that will suit the whole family.

Like that of minivans, the station wagons segment is no longer really seeing an increase in market share, the fault of the success of SUVs. However, a station wagon can be very practical for a small family. Its large trunk will accommodate luggage and other strollers and thanks to its aerodynamics, it will not consume more than a sedan and less than an SUV. In addition, station wagons are generally cheaper than the latter and this is also the case on occasion. The proof with this selection!

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Renault Scenic

Dacia Logan MCV

It’s not really a beauty cannon and it is not filled with technology. But it is undoubtedly theone of the cheapest station wagons on the market and it offers a very large trunk volume: 573 liters.

Peugeot 308 SW

For less than 10,000 €, it is possible to dig up an excellent used Peugeot 308 SW and its 610 liters of trunk! Models on our site are often equipped with a diesel engine and display less than 140,000 km on the odometer.

Renault Clio Estate

With this budget, you can also treat yourself to a recent Renault Clio station wagon which displays barely 50,000 km on the odometer, in diesel as in gasoline. Obviously, the Clio is the smallest station wagon of our selection, and its roominess as well as the trunk volume (443 liters) will not satisfy all families.

Renault Megane Estate

With 10,000 €, why not opt ​​for the Mégane station wagon and its 580 liters of trunk? However, the Mégane Estate at this price will more often have more mileage diesels.

Volvo V60

With this budget, you can afford a very nice Volvo V60 and taste Swedish luxury. With 430 liters, the trunk volume has been sacrificed somewhat on the altar of style, but we can not have it all!

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