Electric is very fashionable. Used models are starting to fill ad sites for now affordable rates. Auto Plus has chosen five of them for you at less than 10,000 €.

You only hear that all day long. Electrification, electrification, still electrification. Electric propulsion has been the new hobby of almost all manufacturers in recent years. Let’s be frank: Compared to their thermal counterparts, EVs are generally more expensive. Fortunately, the second-hand market is developing and it is now possible to afford a “battery-powered” car for less than 10,000 €.

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Occasion: Zoe but not only!

The Renault Zoe now swarm in second hand. The electrified city car of the diamond is omnipresent on specialized sites. It is thus possible to find one of the first examples of the Zoe, displaying nearly 80,000 km but present in the brand’s network, for less than € 7,000. A newer, less mileage and more advanced model will be available for € 9,990.

If you don’t want to roll French, there is always the Volkswagen e-Up!, ambassador of German reliability in the market. A model at 40,000 km will find a taker for € 9,790. A pioneer in the electrical market, the Nissan Leaf, larger, will be priced at the same price but with around 4,000km more.

And for those who are more quadricycle, an alternative to the Renault Twizy exists: theAnaig ! Price? € 7,990 for an (almost) new copy.

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