The beautiful days are coming, and no need to break the bank to ride hair in the wind!

It’s hard to take better advantage of the arrival of fine weather than by taking a short ride in a convertible, hair in the wind! A pleasure which can in addition not be guilty, since it is possible to afford a convertible without breaking the bank.

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Checks before buying a convertible

Before buying, please be sure to check the waterproofing of the convertible top (or retractable roof), its good functioning (especially if there is an electrical mechanism), and watch for traces of mold and humidity inside.

Auto Plus has selected you 5 models that you can find under the € 5,000 mark. Compact or sporty, there is something for everyone!

Volkswagen Golf IV Cabriolet (2,000 € – 5,000 €)

The Volkswagen Golf IV was produced from 1997 to 2004. Often well equipped and aging rather well, the Golf is, as always, rational purchasing par excellence, even in the convertible version.

Peugeot 307 CC (3,000 € – 5,000 €)

With its redone and very particular rear, and especially its “hard” roof, the Peugeot 307 CC is a great idea to drive a convertible without breaking the bank. For reliability, prefer Phase II (after 2005), which resolve a number of deficiencies in the early years.

Fiat Barchetta (4.000 € – 7.000 €)

Roll in Italian, and with style, it is possible even under 5,000 €! Admittedly, the Fiat Barchetta takes the platform of the modest Punto, but its 4-cylinder 130 hp do not lack enthusiasm. From a reliability standpoint, not much to report, for a car of this age.

Peugeot 206 CC (2,000 € – 4,000 €)

Rather efficient, well equipped, friendly and inexpensive, the Peugeot 206 CC has it all. Despite his large sales volume, we could even expect to see the price of beautiful models (Roland-Garros, for example) go up in the coming years. Some reliability concerns are well known, but parts and maintenance are still very affordable.

Mazda MX-5 NB (€ 3,000 – € 8,000)

We no longer present the Mazda MX-5, pioneer of modern roadsters ! This second generation of the Japanese is at the bottom of the price curve, while remaining fun to drive (propulsion). A few precautions for purchase : beware of models that have been violated or modified, and the presence of rust. Without it, the Mazda remains very reliable mechanically.

And for a little more …

If your budget allows it, there are beautiful convertibles under 10,000 €. We think in particular of the first generation of theAudi TT, efficient and future collector. More exotic, the Toyota MR allows you to experience the sensations of a sports car with a mid-rear engine.

Whether you’re looking for a convertible or your next everyday car, check out the little things Auto Plus Occasion here.

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