Unusual: a turntable in the glove box !: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The Lexus IS Wax Edition was developed in collaboration with DJ and producer MC Madlib.

In the United States, Lexus is riding the wave of special editions with its IS. Most recent, the Wax Edition is aimed at music fans who are particularly fond of vinyls.


Developed in collaboration with DJ and producer MC Madlib, the artist and producer KAYTRANADA and the SCPS workshop, the Lexus IS Wax Edition has a peculiarity that makes it unique: it has a vinyl turntable in its glove box.

3d printing

Tailor-made and 3d printed, this one is equipped with a stabilizer to prevent the shocks undergone by the suspensions do not make jump the needle which rests on the microgroove. For listening in the best possible conditions, the car has an audio system Mark Levinson with a power of 1,800 watts and of 17 speakers. This car, recognizable by its matt black paint, will not be for sale. It will be exhibited in the brand’s next events.

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