Uber drivers may be entitled to paid vacation, sick days, and minimum pay.

After years of a fierce legal battle in the UK, Uber will have to surrender: the UK Supreme Court has ruled that the drivers attacking the US company were indeed employees.

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They will therefore be able to receive compensation, and especially paid holidays, absences for illness, breaks at work, and touching a minimum wage. A law firm, which specifies to represent 2,000 drivers in the country, estimates that everyone will be able to receive on average £ 12,000 in compensation, or around € 14,000.

A difficult history in the UK

Or a tidy sum of 28 million euros to be paid by Uber. But the platform said the judgment would not apply to all of its 60,000 British drivers. Uber has since announced that it wants to consult each of its drivers to “understand the changes they want to see.”

A new difficulty for the American platform, which had to separate in 2020 from its research division on autonomous driving after significant losses linked to Covid. A new chapter in the conflicting story between Uber and the UK : the fleet had been banned in London several times in the past.

Source: Reuters

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