The practice was previously authorized in some departments, as part of an experiment, which will end on February 1.

Technically, in France, traveling between two lanes on two-wheelers is illegal. But since 2016, a major experiment in Road Safety has allowed the practice in Île-de-France, in the Rhône, Bouches-du-Rhône and Gironde.

This experiment was to end in 2020, but it was then extended by one year. The inter-file will eventually be again banned everywhere in France from February 1 next. The offense will be punishable by a withdrawal of 3 points on the driving license and a fine of € 135.

Soon a new experiment

And the results of the experiment? Not really conclusive. In the departments concerned, bodily accidents linked to inter-line traffic are on the rise, but behaviors have improved overall. And among the 16 fatal accidents that occurred between 2015 and 2018, none complied with the rules put in place for the experiment: do not exceed 50 km / h, drive only between the two lanes furthest to the left and only drive between the lanes that ‘in case of traffic jams.

Marie Gautier-Melleray, the interministerial delegate for road safety, has therefore announced thata new experiment, more extensive, will soon be implemented. But in the meantime, the practice will therefore be illegal everywhere in France.

Source: The Parisian

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