Truck driver suffers from bizarre chain reaction 4

This time, the driver of the truck had nothing to do with it: it was really the cars that threw themselves at him!

A few days ago, we showed you this awesome video of a truck intentionally folding over a car as it drove down a fast lane in Brazil. The responsibility of the driver of the truck was directly engaged, because it was clearly he who caused the accident.

But here the circumstances are very different. The scene is filmed on an expressway somewhere in the United States, from the dashboard of a large red truck. The truck is driving quietly on its lane when suddenly, a gray Mercedes and then a black Honda hit it from the left.

A chain reaction

In fact, the black Honda first crashed into the gray Mercedes as the two cars were overtaking the truck. The accident then sent the Mercedes on the truck, then the Honda in turn crashed into the truck before the two cars ended up in the background. No one was injured in the accident, and the truck driver had good reflexes.