In 2020, the second generation of Peugeot 208 was voted best car of the year by the European jury. This time it’s a Japanese. The Toyota Yaris wins the title.

The only satisfaction for us, it is the most French of Japanese city dwellers who was elected in first place. Indeed, the Toyota Yaris is made in France, in Valenciennes. However, before the election, little Yaris was not a favorite. The very recent Volkswagen ID.3 or even the new Fiat 500e which just converted to electricity seemed closer to winning the election. But no ! The 100% electric models will still wait before being elected to this rather prestigious place.

Result, the car of the year is not even European … in any case, no strain! But this result is rather consistent with the sales figures at the start of the year. In January for example, the Yaris is ahead of the Dacia Sandero and the Peugeot 208 in Europe. That said, even if we did not expect this result, it brings back memories since the Japanese city dweller had already won this title.

Once is not custom

The last time the Toyota Yaris won this title was in 2000 for its first generation. Like what, she already had good weapons to face the competition 20 years ago already. Moreover, its only French rival among the 7 finalists finished 7th … The very divisive look of the new Citroën C4 will certainly not have seduced the European jury.

The journalists of the Car Of The Year association have made their choice, and their sentence is irrevocable … We will have to wait until next year if we want to hope to see a tricolor shine.

The final ranking: