One year after its presentation, and even before its marketing, the Toyota Yaris Cross completes its range with a new “Adventure” finish. The model is expected to launch in September 2021.

A model that is desired! As pre-reservations for the Toyota Yaris Cross begin next week, the manufacturer has just announced the arrival of a new “Adventure” variant. Unveiled a year ago, the Toyota Yaris Cross was to be marketed in spring 2021. The delivery date had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The Toyota Yaris Cross could be available from September 2021. This version will also serve as the basis for the special launch series “First Edition”.

A design worthy of an adventurer

The dynamism of this new model is confirmed by the specific design of the lower part. Starting with its shield and its new gray protective inserts.

This Toyota Yaris Cross will also be fitted with 18-inch rims in a dark gray finish. And to top it all off, its interior was fully trimmed with leather-look upholstery and a black headliner. Only the steering wheel and the gear lever gaiter are made of genuine leather.

On the mechanical side, the model keeps the GA-B platform taken from the Yaris. It will be available as a 116 hp hybrid engine. And for the more adventurous, it will be possible to add in addition an all-wheel drive which automatically switches from front-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive depending on road conditions. The Toyota Yaris Cross really surprises us!