We predicted that the Toyota GR Yaris loved sliding. And that in the category it was totally unbeatable in terms of efficiency thanks to its four-wheel drive. Well this video proves it all!

The Toyota GR Yaris is arguably one of the most impressive cars to hit the market in recent years. With a 1.6-liter turbo unit of 261 hp, it has one of the most powerful three cylinders in the world.

And with its all-wheel drive, it literally looks like a rally car approved for the road. Moreover, we do not think so well say since the GR Yaris was simply designed to allow the homologation of the racing model in the WRC.

Japanese pub spot

If on our side we tried it in relatively classic conditions, that is to say on the road and circuits. In certain regions of the globe, the so-called “classic” conditions are a little more slippery.

No, this video was not made in Sweden, but in Japan. Country where drifting is a certain art form. Our Japanese is not really up to speed but it seems that the pilot finds the little bombinette rather nice…