To help develop the use of hydrogen and meet growing demand, Toyota will soon market a ready-to-use fuel cell module.

Toyota has announced that it has developed a compact module integrating all the different elements of a hydrogen fuel cell (PAC), and already plans to market this product from spring 2021.

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Toyota Mirai (2021)

Thus, in addition to the marketing of its hydrogen vehicles, such as the Toyota Mirai sedan or the Sora bus, Toyota will also become a fuel cell supplier, in order to democratize the use of hydrogen and reduce CO emissions2 in the world, by capitalizing on its experience in hydrogen vehicles.

Toyota hydrogen fuel cell: four models offered

This module is intended for companies that design and manufacture products using a fuel cell, whether they are trucks, buses, trains or hydrogen ships, not to mention stationary generators.

The hydrogen fuel cell proposed by Toyota will embed in a compact module the elements of the heat pump of the second generation of the Mirai, as well as the components managing the supply of air, hydrogen, cooling and power control.

The module will come in four models, with two types: a vertical (Type I) and a horizontal (Type II), both available in two power levels to choose from: 60 kW (82 hp) or 80 kW (109 hp). .

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