Total transforms a first gas station into 100% electric 4

It’s done! And the conversion is already underway. Total is replacing the fuel pumps at its La Défense service station with electric charging stations. It will no longer supply gasoline or diesel.

We already told you in February 2017. At the time, the oil company Total wanted to install 300 charging stations for electric cars in its service stations in France. Or, one charging station per French station.

But the company has since revised its ambitions upwards since the objective is now to create 200 charging sites near urban areas, with 6 to 10 stations per station.

Work has therefore just started on Monday March 15 with the La Défense service station in Courbevoie in the Hauts-de-Seine. This is the very first time that the oil company has completely converted one of its stations to 100% electric.

Reopening on June 28

In this case, when it reopens scheduled for June 28, the Total station in La Défense will have nine charging stations of varying power: three 22kW or 50 kW stations and six 175 kW stations.

The spokesperson for the group told “The decision was made to switch the La Défense station to 100% electric power. There is a large population in La Défense of taxis, VTCs, individuals and employees. It responds to a demand that will grow in the years to come. Not all stations will go 100% electric. “

Rest assured, this conversion only concerns this gas station for the moment. For now, the 3,700 other Total stations in France will all provide conventional fuel.

Moreover, here are some alternatives for refueling in the district of La Défense:

  • 53 rue de l’Alma in Courbevoie
  • 43-47 boulevard de Verdun in Courbevoie
  • 72 boulevard de Verdun in Courbevoie
  • 133 boulevard de Verdun in Courbevoie
  • 41 quai du Président Paul Doumer (between the Pont de Courbevoie and the Pont de Neuilly).