Tips for making your vehicle shine without polish: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

In order to have a clean and shiny car, it is important to maintain it regularly. To do this, there are many techniques to restore shine to your car, without necessarily using a polish. Here’s how to do it.

A car is exposed to different pollutants throughout its life. Of the dust, of the mud, insects and many other traces of pollution can accumulate on the body and tarnish its color. It is therefore important to remove this layer of dirt before it becomes more encrusted and damages the coating and the paint of the vehicle.

In addition, washing your car has many advantages. Indeed, in addition to the fact of embellishing it, regular maintenance makes it possible to preserve the body with a view to resale. A car in good condition is always easier to sell.

It should also be noted that a car is a great source of pollution. All the dirt deposits on the rims and the body will spread in nature. Indeed, organic or chemical pollutants such as manganese, iron, nickel and hydrocarbon residues will travel depending on the route of the car and can end up polluting groundwater. Therefore, although washing a car consumes up to 400 liters of water, it is still essential to preserve the environment.

Tip for making your car shine without polish

The polish is very useful for making your car shine. However, there are many other techniques for successfully cleaning your vehicle without having to resort to this product. For example, it is possible to use Royal jelly. This substance is very useful for removing dirt from paint, even the most resistant. Just apply it to the body after rinsing. In the same category, the furniture dust remover is also very effective. Also to be used after rinsing, it should be sprayed on a cloth and gently rubbed on the bodywork to restore shine. However, it is advisable to test the method on a small area and first observe the reaction of the paint. Of white vinegar mixed with lukewarm water can also be sprayed on windows to make them spotless.

In addition, to wash your car by hand, you must use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the paint. Microfiber cloths are ideal for this purpose due to their embossed texture that quickly degreases surfaces while absorbing dirt. In order to obtain a uniform result throughout the bodywork, circular movements must be carried out.

How to keep your car shiny?

In order to keep the shine of your car, you must regularly maintain its bodywork. To do this, it is recommended to wash it every week. Air pollution, insects, bird droppings, leaves and tree sap can damage the paintwork of the vehicle.

It should also be noted that heat can melt car wax, and therefore reduce paint protection. Rain favors the development of rust. Weekly washing can then prevent this damage. However, if the car is not exposed to these risk factors, a bi-weekly wash is sufficient. Please note, when washing, do not not neglect to clean the rims of the car. In fact, by being in direct contact with the ground, they get dirty more quickly.

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