This road clears snow by itself 4

Eurovia has just completed its first tests on a road in Égletons in Corrèze. The company hopes that on this short stretch of about 120 meters, snow and ice can melt thanks to a technology called “Power Road”.

No more salt and snow plows. Eurovia has just developed heated roads to dissolve snow or ice. After the first tests at Égletons, the results are convincing.

This process will make life easier for motorists in the mountainous departments used to difficult traffic conditions. This is the case of Corrèze which went through several snowy episodes in January.

“Power Road”: an effective solution?

Thanks to the sun, the pavement can reach a temperature of 60 ° on the surface and 40 ° at 10 cm in depth. To melt snow and ice, the objective is therefore to use the heat of the sun to heat the road. ” Reheating is done in advance. The road remains in the dark. There is no accumulation of snow or ice on the road. If the humidity is too high, the system also activates to keep the road dry », Said Aurélien Genet, works supervisor at Eurovia.

Solar energy is recovered in tubes where a heat transfer liquid circulates which allows heat to be transported between several temperature sources. For Aurélien Genet it is a real saving on snow removal and salting equipment.

However, this technology has a fairly significant cost which amounts to 250,000 euros for a conventional roadway. Around ten sites are currently in the marketing phase in France.