This is undoubtedly the Audi e-tron GT of your dreams 4

Admit that in terms of hunting station wagon, this Audi e-tron GT would have a certain class.

What is the most beautiful electric car in the world? If the Porsche Taycan is undoubtedly in a good position to claim this title, it may be stolen the spotlight by its new cousin from Audi. The all-new e-tron GT, based on the same chassis as the Porsche (and equipped with the same powertrains), indeed turns all heads with its muscular and very elegant lines.

This e-tron GT is currently only available in a sedan version, even if its cousin from Porsche will soon receive the reinforcement of a slightly raised station wagon version. Should we expect to soon discover a station wagon version of the car, in the purest tradition of the ultra-sporty models from Audi?


Rain Caughtk himself dreams of an e-tron GT as an authentic hunting station wagon (without rear doors). He virtually imagines the beast with a large roof rack to further strengthen her status as a special traveler. Of course, care should be taken to choose roads with fast charging points because of the batteries with limited autonomy …