Even if the number of car thefts fell in France in 2020 because of the health crisis, thieves are still on the lookout for any part that could interest them, such as the catalytic converter.

Keep an eye on your catalyst. Some thugs could play tricks on you by stealing it from you. We told you about it on Turbo.fr a few days ago, the number of car thefts fell in 2020 but it remains at a high level. Thieves are full of ideas to achieve their ends. And this time, the method is rather discreet because your vehicle will not leave its place. No, it’s not a joke you could “just” lose an important part like the catalytic converter.

The catalyst is highly coveted by thieves. As a reminder, it is located at the outlet of the engine and reduces the harmfulness of the exhaust gases. You may be wondering what could be of use to them? Imagine that the catalytic converter is a real gold mine, it can contain several grams of precious metals including rhodium and palladium. In addition, the value of these metals has continued to increase in recent years …

What solutions to avoid having your catalyst stolen?

To avoid the “disaster”, always try to park your car in a garage or a private place. Alternatively, you can line your car up against a wall to prevent access to the catalyst. Last solution, to make the resale of the catalytic converter more complicated, it is possible to engrave the registration or serial number of your vehicle on the part.

Be careful, especially if you have a hybrid vehicle like the Toyota Prius, thieves are fond of these less damaged catalysts because hybrids are low in emissions. And above all, make sure you are well insured to avoid all risks and sleep peacefully at night.