This is how the Russians put out car fires 4

The Russians have a very special way of putting out a car fire.

The cases of spontaneous fire on a vehicle remain very rare, but they do exist. Nobody has forgotten the big concerns of this kind affecting in particular the Porsche 911 GT3 type 991 phase 1, or the Ferrari 458 Italia. A few days ago, we were also telling you about this Volkswagen Golf GTE hybrid that went up in smoke in Germany, probably following an electric fire in its batteries.

In this sequence filmed in Russia, a Mitsubishi Outlander begins to catch fire due to an unidentified problem. As passers-by bustle around the vehicle trying to put out the fire, a large bulldozer arrives to lay a heavy layer of snow on the Japanese SUV.

Really effective?

Does this original method make it possible to smother the fire? Not sure. Smoke still escapes from the hood once the snow is deposited, giving rise to fears that the flames are still there. But it was well tried.