This is how the first real car in history drives 4

The first affordable mass-produced car, the famous Ford T, was it easy to drive?

In the history of the automobile, the Ford T of 1908 retains a special place. Of course, automobiles had already existed for a few decades before her. But it is this model that for the first time allowed the general public to access the automotive world thanks to an affordable price and controlled production costs.

It is with the Ford T that the concept of assembly line work has become more democratic, making it possible to build faster and cheaper. After her, cars will become even more accessible by drawing inspiration from the methods dear to Henry Ford.

Easy ?

But this Ford T is no longer very young. Next to a Ford Focus of today, driving an example of the oldest mass-produced car is obviously more complex. At what point ? Nascar pilot Joey Logano explains it more precisely just below.