We used to know about cardboard cars that were designed to look like supercars and hypercars, but here’s a new way to make supercars cheaply: recycling metal.

There is an incredible place in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province where scrap metal takes on a much more glorious life. Located about two hours east of Bangkok, this metal garage of giant robots, incredible statues, and life-size replicas of incredible cars is a pretty special place to see. It’s rightly called “Scrap Metal Art Thailand”, and that’s where you’ll find a Bugatti Chiron that is unique in the world, but also the cheapest. In fact, you will find two, but they are different.

A video tour of the workshop and the exhibition yard is offered to us by “CB Media” on YouTube. Most of us have seen art crafted from recycled metal before, but the sculptures in this workshop are mind-blowing. Long before arriving at the Chiron we are talking about, you can see all kinds of creations inspired by Hollywood science fiction films. From Robocop and the T-800 of Terminator, through the robots of the Transformers franchise of Michael Bay…. There is a bit of everything!

Life-size LEGO Technic

When it comes to car designs, we also see a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing made up almost entirely of gears, nuts and bolts. A replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO features similar construction, but the Chiron stands out from the rest. Built with old frame posts, body plates, gears and other metal parts, it almost looks like a life-size LEGO Technic creation.

It’s not the only Chiron in the park, but the other is less pretty. It seems rather taken from a film of the Mad Max saga. Nevertheless, it is well guarded since there is an imposing sculpture of Bumblebee next to it. According to the Scrap Metal Art Thailand website, there are many sculptures available for purchase. The video tells us that a creation like the Chiron would cost around $ 30,000, a far cry from the seven-figure price tag of the real car. Yet with a little imagination, she is almost as beautiful!