Thieves wreak havoc on parked Porsche Panamera 4

Owning a luxury sedan like the Porsche Panamera doesn’t protect you from rim theft. On the contrary: theft can extend to very expensive brake discs!

This is the scene that every car owner dreads: leaving home in the early morning and finding your vehicle without its wheels, resting on four concrete blocks after a theft committed during the night. These wheel thefts generally involve mass production models, with thieves often looking for wheels that are easy to sell on the black market.

But beware, some thieves also attack prestige vehicles. The proof with this image of a Porsche Panamera photographed in the parking lot of a Porsche center in Stockholm in Sweden, found without its wheels and placed on wooden pallets.

No more brake discs!

As you can see, the thieves didn’t see fit to steal the four brake discs. Remember that the car can be fitted with optional carbon-ceramic parts, discs worth more than € 9,000 in the catalog. They can therefore be sold at least as expensive as rims on the black market …