The worst thing that can happen to your car while it is parked? 4

Finding your car with 15,000 bees after leaving it parked for ten minutes in the parking lot of a supermarket is enough to give you the drone.

Who has never been afraid to find their car scratched or damaged after leaving it parked in a public car park? To notice a small knock on the door left by an unscrupulous neighboring motorist?

On the other hand, you probably never imagined that you would one day find 15,000 bees in your car after leaving it parked for about ten minutes in the parking lot of a supermarket. Yet this is exactly what happened to the driver of an old Buick sedan in the United States, in the state of New Mexico in Las Cruces.

An improvised beehive

Between the time the car was parked and the time the driver returned to the vehicle, an entire beehive moved into the car, taking advantage of a window left open. No less than 3.5 kilos of bees in total, which were extracted from the car by a specialist and then brought back to their neighboring farm. A priori, no one was stung and the bees were “very calm”.