Here is the smallest motorized car in the world, a 1936 Toyota AA that measures the size of a grain of rice. After 26 years, the world record has just been broken by the Japanese manufacturer.

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of this Toyota AA, oh no, it’s not possible. This model was built by a subsidiary of the Japanese brand (Denso) and is not really intended for driving. It was Toyota’s first car and the world’s smallest motorized car. The vehicle is 4.785mm (0.188 inch) long, 1.730mm (0.068 inch) wide and 1.736mm (0.068 inch) high.

To make the car functional, Denso, the largest auto parts maker in Japan, added axles, tires, hubcaps to it. Not to mention the five-part motor and its 1 mm (0.039 inch) diameter coil. The shield is 50 microns thick, or half a hair! In total, “the craft” is made up of 24 individual parts.

She really rolls!

This car called a pile was not built in two days. For almost 4 years a team of 20 people worked on it.

Creating the smallest motorized car in the world is not a waste of time for the manufacturer. This construction is a real “Exercise of know-how and a demonstration of competence”. For Denso, this is an opportunity to showcase its expertise in micro-precise machining and semiconductors.

The best part is that it really works! We invite you to take a look at the video below. A little alternating current and it rolls!

So no, you can’t do a Paris-Marseille with this sedan, but you can reach a speed of 0.018 km / h. Something to make ants dream!