The Tesla that will beat the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series? 4

Should the Audi A3, Mercedes Class A and BMW 1 Series tremble while waiting for Tesla’s new compact?

Tesla currently markets family sedans, family SUVs and full-size models. The American manufacturer is preparing to add a big pick to this catalog (the Cybertruck), in addition to a sports car which should arrive by the year 2022.

Tesla is also working on a compact European-style model, which could begin marketing in 2023. The idea would be to tackle the premium references of the current market, dominated by the Audi A3, Mercedes Class A and other BMW 1 Series.

Aggressive style?

Kleber Silva trying to imagine this future ultra-compact Tesla. The designer did not sprain himself too much, he simply started from an image of Toyota Corolla by adding a front face very close to that of the Roadster. Rest assured, the real Tesla model probably won’t look like this.