The surreal accident of Dakar 2021 4

The last time a helicopter crashed into a car was in an action movie with Bruce Willis. But in real life, it’s also possible!

The Dakar 2021 has just delivered its verdict. Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel once again won the rally-raid at the wheel of his Mini prototype, after a very difficult edition in the Saudi Arabian desert.

The event always combines cars, motorcycles and trucks. It is filmed with the help of several helicopters so as not to miss any of the development of the competitors on the course. But as crazy as it sounds, it was one of those helicopters that crashed into a truck in the race.


The helicopter pilot must have underestimated the proximity to the truck. The latter collided with the ski, but fortunately the machine did not suffer from the shock. There remains a completely crazy sequence that will remain in the annals of television production …