the stuntman carried away by the Covid-19 at 90 years old 4

After 1,400 films and stunts of madness for many years, Rémy Julienne passed away this morning while he was in intensive care since the beginning of the month.

He even passed Jean-Paul Belmondo! However, the French actor used to perform his own stunts, but sometimes, you had to call a “Professional” and Remy Julienne has been this man 14 times, according to our colleagues from the World. The famous stuntman has also played the understudy of Yves Montand, Alain Delon and Roger Moore in several James Bonds.

He was a born daredevil. Younger, it is said that he was a very restless student before one of his teachers asked him to take care of the cinema section. The 7th art had already made it possible to channel it. But his passion was motorcycles! At the age of 24, he bought one and became French cross country champion in 1957. He had that in his blood!

Effective launch

What connects cinema and motocross are stunts. So Rémy Julienne will decide to go for it and get his first contract by doubling Jean Marais in “Fantomas“. It is the beginning of a long career which will take him on the set of many cult films such as the saga of” Gendarme of Saint-Tropez “, the “ Large Mop “,” Rabbi Jacob “, the ” Brain “Or the” Atlantic Wall “.

Arriving on the other side of the Atlantic, Rémy Julienne sees his career launching a second time. It is in the United States that he participates in the most impressive stunts such as that of “L’or se Barre” in which Austin Minis jump from roof to roof. Suffice to say that Rémy Julienne had proven himself in the cinema and that he was even one of the best of his generation.