The spectacular suicide of a BMW M2 in the streets of Munich 4

The BMW M2 is one of the most engaging compact sports cars of recent years. It is also, obviously, one of the best designed to withstand big shocks on the roof while protecting its occupants … Even receiving a concrete column on the head.

Some accidents attract curiosity. By the posture in which the vehicle finds itself, sometimes incongruous, or by their almost miraculous outcome. In the case of this BMW M2 Competition certainly on its way to the scrapyard at the time of writing, probably a bit of both. No injuries are to be deplored, not even a scratch for the driver who was able to extract himself from the wreck without assistance, after having received a concrete advertising column right in the middle of the roof.

These images, relayed by the firefighters of the city of Munich where the accident took place, remind us that even if the M2 is a car generally easy to understand, it is still necessary to curb a 6 in line of 410 hp, in pure propulsion. A standing start (to check your 0 to 100 km / h, in 4.4 s?) On an urban artery, at the start of a traffic light, is not really the ideal terrain for exercise. to which the visibly very enthusiastic 23-year-old driver gave himself. There is something, the car is formidable (see our match between the M2 Competition and the Audi RS3). Sometimes the karma is just as strong and the punishment immediate.

Do-it-yourselfers looking for an excellent 6-cylinder to achieve the swap of your dreams, German ad sites may soon offer an engine and transmission intact (or almost).