The sound of the future electric Lotus Evija will be inspired by the old Formula 1 4

Lotus has teamed up with famous British music producer Patrick Patrikios to develop the sound of the future electric hypercar, the Evija.

Patrikios, who has written and produced for stars like Olly Murs, Sia, Britney Spears and many others, used the engine sound of the iconic Type 49 F1 car as the starting point for the Evija sound signature. “I sat down with the Hethel development team and discussed what it should be”, said Patrick Patrikios. “We wanted something intrinsically connected to Lotus so that we could define an audio plan for future electric cars.”

Patrikios took a recording of the Type 49 and manipulated it through specific software, quickly realizing that when the engine note was slowed down, this created a frequency similar to the sounds actually produced by the Evija’s all-electric powertrain. “I adjusted the Type 49’s playback speeds and digital filtering to generate a new ‘soundscape’ for the Evija”, said the producer. “We all wanted something to spark an emotional connection between the car and the driver.”

The importance of sound

“Sound is extremely influential when it comes to creating and shaping emotions, to enrich that bond which is such an essential part of the Lotus experience”, he adds. And it’s true: some cars transmit a lot of things via sound. It is also thanks to this that many tuning companies earn money by offering noisier exhaust lines than those originally supplied.

While Patrikios main task was to create the audio signature for the hypercar Evija, he also developed all the chimes and tones for the Lotus. From turning on the turn signals to warning the seat belt.

Eventually, the famous music producer is even part of the car’s development team. Not all cars can say the same!