The Skoda supercar of your shameful dreams 4

After the Audi R8, the Skoda supercar? For those who dream of a less expensive and more practical super-sports car, this may be the magic formula.

In the Volkswagen group, there is a hierarchy in terms of price positioning and ranges. At Bugatti the most elite supercars, at Audi the premium sedans, at Volkswagen the “plush” generalist models and at Skoda the models with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Skoda supercar video

Admittedly, the quality and the style of recent Skodas make them real competitors to Volkswagen and sometimes even to Audi. But we will never see the Czech brand venturing into segments as particular as that of real sports cars (the preserve of Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti).

A real Skoda supercar!

However, a certain Rotislav Prokop had fun building a real Skoda supercar virtually. Obviously based on a Honda NSX body, it has a front end inspired by the Czech brand’s sedans. And what engine would you see under the back cover of this unique Skoda? A twin-turbo V6 pushed to more than 600 horsepower? A four-cylinder turbo so that it costs as little as possible?