What if that was the recipe for a practical, attractive and inexpensive Renault at the same time?

Renault already sells a pick-up currently on the market, the Alaskan. Based on the Nissan Navara, this large machine remains above all a utility. It is also quite expensive, since it is necessary to count at least on an addition to more than 36,000 euros. To which you must now add a very high penalty if you use it as a private vehicle.

But would there be room for a Renault pickup that is both more compact and affordable? Recently, Dacia marketed several pick-ups: a Logan, then a Duster modified with the help of a Romanian coachbuilder and marketed at just over 22,000 euros. So, why not a slightly more playful Renault with the same basic concept?

A Renault Oroch

This is precisely what virtually imagines Kleber Silva largely inspired by the Dacia Oroch concept car. It adds a Renault badge instead of Dacia’s, with some welcome stylistic changes to make it a believable model. The proposal could hold up, provided a reasonable CO2 grammage and an affordable price. But the specifications would undoubtedly be too difficult to keep: the finished model would probably cost far too much …