The Marseillais are not really joking when they prepare their Peugeot.

Appeared in 1993 and replaced in 2002 by the 307, the Peugeot 306 succeeded the 309. A rival of the first Renault Megane, this 306 offered a sporty version in its catalog, the famous S16 and its naturally aspirated four-cylinder gasoline of 167 horsepower ( for 193 Nm of torque).

However, Peugeot has never dared to go as far as some German manufacturers in terms of compact sports. Never mind: the Marseillais have their own recipe for making extremely radical Peugeot. If everyone knows the famous 406/407 from the Taxi cinematographic saga, this gray 306 seen near the Calanques is not to be outdone.

The total

Its hood has openings worthy of authentic supercars. The front bumper is the same barrel, as are the side skirts or the rear bumper. Special mention for the double rear spoiler. Obviously, we would like to know what is hiding under the hood of this 306 unlike any other. Is there anything to worry about a 400 horsepower Audi RS 3 or a Mercedes-AMG A45 S? Not sure…