Who could imagine investing more than 200,000 euros in an old restored Toyota 4×4? Has the Japanese become an exceptional vehicle?

The current Toyota Land Cruiser is a large family vehicle, capable of going quite far off-road. With its very classic style, high level of comfort and generous roominess, it is intended for markets such as the United States or the Middle East where it competes with models from Nissan or Kia. In short, this is not a model whose addition can, like certain models from Bentley or Mercedes, approach or exceed 200,000 euros.

But this Land Cruiser has nothing to do with the current vehicle. This is a 1978 model of the FJ43 generation. At that time, the Land Cruiser looked like a Jeep and really was nothing fancy. But due to its radical style, over the years it has become more and more sought after in the collectibles market. To the point of benefiting, thanks to companies like FJ Company, from complete restorations like certain legendary models.

195,000 dollars

This gray copy, with a very beautiful beige leather interior and equipped with a 4.5-liter 240-horsepower engine (mated to a modern automatic gearbox), costs 195,000 dollars. New, it was worth $ 215,000 when it left home. FJ Company. Yes, it is very expensive. But we must admit that it is also very beautiful …