The next Corvette C9 could return to the front engine 4

While the Corvette C8 has only been on the market for a few months, General Motors is already talking about the next generation. This should find an engine at the front, as at the origin.

After decades of existence, it wasn’t until the latest version of the iconic Chevrolet Corvette that it switched to a rear-engine architecture. While some have praised General Motors for taking the plunge, others have lamented that Chevrolet has shattered a myth. In addition to numerous quality issues, the most recent of which included cracked wheels, one wonders if Chevrolet was right. Doubts which could push General Motors to return to the historical configuration with a front engine.

Let us remember that having the engine in the front allowed the Corvette to become a motorsport legend. In addition, with the need to fully or partially electrify the Corvette, space in the back of the car will be a problem. It will necessarily take more weight on the front wheels. As an added bonus, that means more room for turbos, a supercharger, or other upgrades that customers will want to install.

Really better?

Ultimately, the V8-powered sports car up front is a staple of the American automotive landscape. GM’s new design boss Joe Massa-Puzj says the move has freed him up in several ways: “The front-engine Corvette is an icon, and putting the engine back up front allows us as designers to have more fun. We no longer need to integrate air intakes and ducts along the length of the engine. ‘auto, which means a sleeker and faster machine. We are also trying to bring back the separate rear window, but we cannot confirm that it will be produced at this point. “.

So these are decisions that will please the purists of the “Vette”. However, we will have to wait since the new generation has only been on the market for a year. But if the problems multiply, GM could well decide to accelerate the step towards a new generation.